Custom Furniture Design / Fabrication Brooklyn NY
Custom Furniture Design / Fabrication Brooklyn NY

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"I View Furniture As Interactive Interior Architecture For Our Everyday Lives.  It should Function and Inspire You."


CAUV Design

132 Van Dyke St

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY 11231

CAUV Design is located in the Red Hook neighborhood of New York City in the Borough of Brooklyn.  Red Hook has been a part of town since the 1600's and was named for the red clay soil that was present at the time and the shape of the land sticking out into the Upper New York Bay.  Things change over the years as Industries ebb and flow but the neighborhood still holds a few Pre-War Brick Industrial Buildings along the waters edge, and never lost a bit of it's charm.  Make a day to come see Red Hook for yourself and make us a stop on your journey.

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